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The Road Less Traveled: A Profile of "Las Abogadas" Subject Rebecca Eichler and her Family

Before she set up a legal aid office in a VW van in the middle of a 5,000-person migrant caravan, and before she was one of the featured subjects in the upcoming "Las Abogadas" documentary film, Rebecca Eichler and her family were already laying the groundwork for changing their lives.

In 2015, Rebecca and her husband, Paul Carlino, went on leave from their jobs, pulled their two kids out of school, rented out their suburban Virginia house, and embarked on a year-long, cross-continental journey to Panama and back — in that same VW van that later became a base for providing advice to migrants headed to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Read this profile of Rebecca and her adventurous family that recently appeared in the William & Mary University Alumni Magazine.

And if this family's adventure inspires you, you can read more about their year on the road in Paul's informative and humorous memoir, "The Year We Ruined our Lives: A Family Road Trip Through Mexico and Central America."

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