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Rebecca Eichler

Rebecca Eichler has over 20 years of experience practicing immigration law in the Washington DC area and providing disaster legal aid around the world, working with clients seeking protection under U.S. & international law. She currently lives and works in Mexico as a human rights advocate, advising deportees from the U.S, migrants in transit, and asylum seekers at the US border.

In fall 2018, she spearheaded central Mexico’s legal aid response to the migrant caravans, providing individual consultations and know-your-rights presentations to hundreds of migrants on what to expect at the border. As one of the main characters of Las Abogadas, Rebecca has become an essential conduit into the community of both immigration attorneys and refugees.

Mulu Alemayehu

In 2019, U.S. immigration policy trapped several thousand African asylum seekers in Mexico. Knowing there was no support for African migrants in Tijuana, and that most if not all could not speak Spanish, Ethiopian-American immigration attorney Mulu Alemayehu left her Los Angeles office and walked across the border to offer legal clinics in Tijuana. Once a political refugee herself, she carried with her home-made Ethiopian flat-bread to offer a bit of comfort to those most forgotten.

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Jodi Goodwin

After working dozens of cases reuniting separated families after the Trump administration’s barbaric policy was enacted, Texas single mother and veteran immigration attorney Jodi Goodwin crossed the Texas-Mexico border and set up a sidewalk office in the brutal sun and gave legal advice to hundreds of desperate migrants caught in a political crossfire. 

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Charlene D'Cruz

After three decades of working some of the toughest immigration law cases from Syria to Latin America, Indian-American attorney from Minnesota, Charlene D’Cruz, was unprepared for the mayhem she arrived into as she came to help Rebecca give legal aid to the migrants in the caravan. The desperate scenario was the result of a combination of growing violence across Central America and the Trump Administration’s chaotic and anti-immigration response.

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