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In case you missed it.... Recording of Sneak Peak and Discussion of the Film

Our first virtual event on October 26 was a great success! Thank you so much to all who registered, donated, and participated. Executive Producer Careen Shannon moderated a wonderful program. We spoke with Director Victoria Bruce, subject Abogada Rebecca Eichler, and Impact Producer Laura Selzer-Duny.

With your support we are almost $9000 closer to our fundraising goal. Your donation supports the following:

  • Documenting a refugee family's journey

  • Traveling to refugee camps and border towns to follow our abogadas (lawyers)

  • Developing an outreach campaign to advocate for immigration reform

  • Showing compelling stories to create empathy

  • Creating much needed educational materials to accompany the film

  • Funding the costs to support a seasoned production crew

We truly appreciate your past and ongoing support!

-Las Abogadas Production Team

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