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Please Join our Executive Producer’s December Fundraising Drive

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

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Las Abogadas Executive Producer Careen Shannon has launched a birthday fundraiser for the Las Abogadas documentary on Facebook. She will match all contributions, dollar for dollar, made during the month of December! But you don’t need to be on Facebook to contribute.

This final fundraiser of 2021 will help us finish production of the film. Some of the ways your tax-deductible contribution will help are as follows:

  • Funding the costs to support a seasoned production crew

  • Traveling to makeshift refugee camps and border towns to follow the work of our abogadas (lawyers)

  • Documenting a refugee family’s journey

  • Showing compelling stories to create empathy for the plight of migrants

  • Creating much-needed educational materials to accompany the film

  • Developing an outreach campaign to advocate for immigration reform

This is a nonprofit venture with an educational purpose, and the film is meant to be used as a tool to educate people about what's really happening at the border, and advocate for changes to our immigration system. We are developing a robust educational and social impact strategy—a roadmap to leverage the film to influence lawmakers, inspire changemakers at the state and local levels, and incite students and audiences of all kinds to look for ways to make a difference.

Please go to the highlighted donation link below if you would like to contribute to this effort.

This isn’t just a film. It’s a tool for advocacy and social change.

To learn more about the documentary, please go to

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